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A grand-father from Venice, and the other one from Calabria, a grand-mother from Spain and the other from Argentina. Fernando’s parents, bornin Argentina, like himself, created two successful hotels in Mendoza, Argentina

Back then, when Fernando was a little boy, he used to sneak into thekitchen, every time he happened to be there, and the cook would wear him anapron and put him on a chair. Little Fernando created using his imagination andspent endless hours in the kitchen, showing since then, his great affection forcooking.

Years after, when he finished school, he left for Canada where he got a job in a kitchen, working with very good chefs.

A few years later, he opened a “Pasta Factory” but his uneasy spiritdrove him to create even more and led him to today and Kilkis. In this town hecreated a marvelous place with pleasant atmosphere and above all, selected tastes and dishes.

Visit us in our new restaurant in the center of the city of Kilkis at 25th Martiou 13 street. 

Kilkis restaurant
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